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Hangry - So hungry that you start to get angry.

Intaxication - The euphoria of getting a tax refund, which lasts until you realize that it was your money to start with.

Shispering - Shouting and whispering at the same time.

Disconfect - To sterilize the piece of candy you dropped on the floor by blowing on it, somehow assuming this will "remove" all the germs.

Antiversary - What your anniversary date becomes after the relationship ends.

Elecelleration - The mistaken notion that quickly pressing the an elevator button multiple times will make it arrive faster.

Tinderella - An attractive woman discovered using Tinder.

Keyboard Plaque - The disgusting buildup of dirt and crud found on some people's computer keyboards.

Carcolepsy - The chronic inability to stay awake while riding in a car.

Stealthie - A photograph designed to secretly capture a person or object in what appears to onlookers to be a selfie.

Brainspin - What happens when you can't fall asleep at night because you have too much on your mind.

Nagnostic - A woman who has no faith in her husband's competencies, and keeps telling him about it.

Phonundrum - Confusion a person experiences when hearing a phone ringing and wondering if itís his or not.

Auto Incorrect - When autocorrect on your phone changes it to the wrong word.

Carperpetuation - The act, when vacuuming, of running over a string or a piece of lint at least a dozen times, reaching over and picking it up, examining it, then putting it back down to give the vacuum one more chance.

Tweet Cred: Social standing on Twitter.

Peppier - The waiter at a fancy restaurant whose sole purpose seems to be walking around asking diners if they want ground pepper.

Herricane - When a female becomes extremely angry.

Elbonics - The actions of two people maneuvering for one armrest in a movie theater.

Acquaintance Zoned - one level worse than being in the "friend zone".

Petonic - A person who is embarrassed to undress in front of a household pet.

Lost in Textation - When a joke or sarcasm comes off as insulting when delivered via text due to the fact that the other person can't see or hear you.

Telecrastination - The act of always letting the phone ring at least twice before you pick it up, even when you're only six inches away.

Geobragging - Repeated status updates noting your location in an attempt to get attention or make other people jealous.

Pupkus - The moist residue left on a window after a dog presses its nose to it.

Thought Blocked - When you are trying to explain something to a friend and they switch the topic to something totally unimportant.

Textrovert - A person who prefers to express his feelings via text messages because personal interaction makes him uncomfortable/self-conscious.

Frust - The small line of debris that refuses to be swept onto the dust pan and keeps backing a person across the room until he finally decides to give up and sweep it under the rug.

Twoosh - Sometimes called a "perfect twoosh", this is a tweet that is exactly 140 characters (through the strategic use of abbreviations), no more no less.

Eiffelites - Gangly people sitting in front of you at the movies who, no matter what direction you lean in, move in the same direction.

Phonesia - The affliction of dialing a phone number and forgetting whom you were calling just as they answer.

Check Dance - The awkward moment on a date when both people insist on paying the bill.

Relationstint - A short term dating experience that never turns into a real relationship.

Drunchies - The hunger you get after consuming alcoholic beverages.

Fantabulous: When something is both fantastic and fabulous.

Ickified: Something that has gotten icky.

Barkative - Like "talkative", but for dogs.

Fandy - Fine and dandy.

Earworm - A catchy song that you can't get out of your head.

Chilax - To chill and relax. Used when someone is starting to get uptight about something.

Cutesicle - Someone who is super duper cute and makes you want to use stupid-sounding phrases to describe them because you just can't handle their cuteness.

NRN - Stands for "No Response Necessary". A proposed e-mail conversation to prevent endless back-and-forth acknowledgements: "Thanks for the info." "Youíre welcome Ö hope it helps." "I hope so too. Thanks." By putting NRN at the bottom of your e-mail, you absolve the reader from having to reply, thus saving precious e-mail time.

Censor Dodging - Intentionally misspelling an offensive word to prevent what you are writing from getting blocked by a filter.

Nurdeling - Sticking your cold feed under someone's butt on the couch.

Remify - A cross between to remedy the problem and to rectify it.

Datesaster - A date that becomes a disaster.

Byte-bonding - When computer users get together and discuss things that noncomputer users donít understand.

Threadiot - A person on a forum who makes stupid postings.

Raptivist - An activist who uses rap to motivate others.

Sequelphobia - A fear that the original version of a movie was so great, the sequel won't live up to it.

Cobra Yawn - The involuntary spraying of saliva while yawning, like the venom spray from a cobra.

Staycation - A vacation where you stay at home instead of going away.

Scranked - Screwed and pranked.

Kidiot - When your child is doing stupid stuff he/she is a kidiot.

Flumbled - Fumbling around due to being in a highly flustered state.

Adverblasting - When the volume of a commercial is annoyingly louder than the program you are watching.

Chillax - To chill and relax.

Glittabulous - A combination of "glitter" and "fabulous", like to describe a princess.

Blamps - For women, a combination of stomach cramps and bloating.

Thingymebob or thingyamajig - When you can't find the right word for something, this is what you call it.

Dingleballs - Those awful dangly things people hang from rear view mirrors.

Doofer - A remote control.

Paygrounds - Indoor pay-to-play kid parks which have replaced the now mostly extinct public playgrounds that previous generations used for free.

Fibula - A small lie.

Glug - Taking a large drink in one big swallow.

Jaystanding - when you try to jay walk but too many cars end up coming, so you are left just standing there waiting longer than if you had just walked ot the intersection and crossed.

Cashtration - Purchasing a house, rendering the buyer financially impotent.

Send Storm - A deluge of private chat messages while one is trying to do something else online. "Sorry, I'm currently the victim of a send storm. I'll be with you in a moment."

Reintarnation - Coming back to life as a hillbilly.

Bozone - The substance that comprises the Bozone Layer, which is the area surrounding stupid people that stops bright ideas from penetrating.

Someoneelsie - What happens when somebody tries to take a selfie but hold the phone the wrong direction.

Bropinion - Your bro's opinion.

Backspackle - Markings on the back of one's shirt from riding a fenderless bicycle in mud.

Bidness - A shady or illegal business venture.

Giraffiti - Vandalism spray-painted very high up.

Egosurfing - Searching the Web for one's own name.

Sarchasm : The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn't get it.

Dopeler Effect: The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly.

Square-headed Girlfriend - Another word for a computer. The victim of a square-headed girlfriend is a "computer widow.'

Arachnoleptic Fit - The frantic dance performed just after you've accidentally walked through a spider web.

Beelzebug - Satan in the form of a mosquito, that gets into your bedroom at three in the morning and cannot be cast out.

Like Fishing - Posting to Facebook just to get as many likes as possible.

Snoob - A newly rich person. Combination of snob and noob.

Clock Puncher - A worker who spends their time waiting for the end of the day to come, and goofs off as much as possible, especially while the boss is gone.

Interwhine - When a group of people gather to complain about their problems.

Caranoid - Paranoid, but correct.

Adnoying - Causing annoyance to internet users with the bombardment of pop-up advertisements.

Pemailing - The time saving and highly efficient practice of sending and receiving emails while going to the bathroom.

Deepfave - When you are stalking somebody on FaceBook or Twitter and accidentally like one of their posts, therebye revealing how deeply you looked into their past.

Askinine - A stupid question

Dramastic - Something that is both dramatic and drastic.

Shoefie - A picture of your shoes.

Handitizer - Hand sanitizer

Eblaborate - The act of babbling on incessantly in an attempt to provide excessive amounts of information, often useless minutiae, about a particular topic.

McJob - Working at a helpdesk or similar dead-end job that has a feeling of emptiness and dissatisfaction.

Tweezers - Geezers who have twitter accounts.

Moostache - A milk moustache.

Egnigma - The timeless paradox of "Which came first: the chicken or the egg?"

Gray Goose - An old, experienced specialist hired by startup trying to appear more professional and established.

Cleverawesity - Being so clever that you are awesome.

Netroduction - How you meet people on social networks and chat sites.

Huggle - A cross between hug and cuddle.

Christmoween - A time period where Americans eat too much and gain weight. It begins when Halloween candy first starts to be sold in stores, and ends when the last of the Christmas candy is put away.

Blinge - The act of buying a large amount of flashy things.

Virate - The mood you are in when you realize your computer has a virus.

Fleedom - Freedom achieved by fleeing

Tarbinger - The first sign of road construction.

Lapkin - A cloth for wiping one's mouth or hands, but NOT tucked into that person's collar.

Pretort - To respond to an argument before your opponent has finished making it.

Link Rot - The process by which web page's links become obsolete as the sites they're connected to change or go out of business.

Preplexed - Confused even before you find out what you're going to be baffled about.

Hydrophonics - Words spoken under water.

So Much Nope - An expression of severe dislike or unwillingness for something.

Travelsty - When something horrible happens while on vacation.

Bio-break - A techie euphemism for using the toilet.

Bitraking - A form of web-based investigative journalism. Basically, a high-tech version of muckraking.

Tauntology - An insult repeated many times in different forms.

Baggravation - When you are carrying a paper grocery bag and one of the handles rips off.

Hexting - To cast a spell or practice witchcraft via text message.

Claptivate - To capture another's attention by applauding

Boron - A person who is not only dumb, but also uninteresting.

Groovity - The natural force that surrounds cool people.

Acrimoney - Money derived from illegal or shady business practices.

Crassified - When you whisper something to your friend that would be embarrassing out loud.

Spychology - The subversive and/or covert study of the human mind.

Sockrifice - To throw out a good sock when its matching sock is damaged.

Dorito Syndrome - Feelings of emptiness and dissatisfaction triggered by addictive substances that lack nutritional content. "I just spent six hours surfing the Web and now Iíve got a bad case of Dorito Syndrome."

Fiascal - A dire, humiliating situation which also costs you a great deal of money.

Sipstick - Lipstick left on the rim of a coffee cup.

Mouse Potato - The online, wired generation's answer to the couch potato.

Exercise Bulimics- People who compulsively work out after eating and gauge their workout by how many calories they need to burn off to remove the food they just ate. "Only 1,000 more minutes on the treadmill to burn off that chocolate cake."

Wardplay - The act of goofing off in a hospital.

Blowing your buffer - losing your train of thought.

Cobweb - An old site that never changes.

Body Nazis: Hard-core exercise and weight-lifting fanatics who look down on anyone who doesn't work out obsessively.

Irritainment - Entertainment and media spectacles that are annoying but you find yourself unable to stop watching them. The O.J. trial was a good example.

Meatspace - The physical world (as opposed to the virtual).

Intellihotsia - Teally sexy people who make a living off their brains.

Oddcidentally - By odd coincidence.

Xmooches - Used at the end of emails. XO mushed together with smooches.

Batmobiling - Putting up emotional shields. a reference to the retracting armor that covers the Batmobile, as in "When she started talking marriage, I started batmobiling".

Meep - Something to say when you are scared/nervous/worried/bored.

Swiped Out - An ATM or credit card that has been rendered useless because the magnetic strip is worn away from extensive use.

Starter Marriage - A short-lived first marriage that ends in divorce with no kids, no property and no regrets.

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